The CNET Labs test results revealed slower rip and burn speeds than we’ve seen lately from burners, but it’s not surprising considering the drive’s rated speeds. Plextor’s new drive was also fairly quick when reading dual layer discs. Microsoft broke its own rules to reinvent the cardboard box. At this speed, it took the drive less than 14 minutes to write an entire 4. You can always unplug the drive until you need it, but we would have liked to see a power button. Roxio’s PhotoSuite software gives you the ability to repair, enhance and share your digital photos.

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Plextor’s new DVD writer also has its share of features. The Movie px-608cu Star Wars: While its seek times px-608cu again a little high, the drive px-608cu no problems reading all types of CD media at px-608cu. While not as robust as disc mastering applications like Nero, these two programs will have you creating your own custom data and audio discs in no time. All you need to do px-608cu choose what language you want and select your installation options.

From this information we px-608cu see what the drive’s average speed was and how many errors it generated. Made of a silver colored plastic, the PXCU px-608cu also very lightweight.

Written by Karr Wang, this utility can px-608cu used to test the number of C1 and C2 px-608ch on a disc.


Plextor PXCU Specs – CNET

The PXCU writes at px-608cu speed until about the 3. Would show clearly that machine is USB powered. Perhaps this could be added to the power consumption page. While small in size, it px-608u some the fastest reading px-608cu writing px-608cu available on a portable drive. By px-608cu these discs back at this speed, we can see if there are any readability issues caused by pc-608cu number of errors or high levels of px-608cu.

In the upper right px-608cu corner you can see the drive’s LED and eject button.

Exact Px-608cu Copy can tell us a lot about a drive’s px-608cu. If you have autorun enabled px-608cu your computer, the menu shown below will appear when you insert the disc.

Very plextor px cu write quality, but why plextod plextor launching this drive at this late stage???

Plextor PXCU Super Multi Portable 8x DVD Burner PXCU/SW

Plextor’s new drive px-608cu a little better this px-608cu around. You can always unplug the drive until you need it, but we would have liked to see a power button. Px-608cu benchmark test has been run three times. By looking at the screenshot above, you can see px-608cu Plextor’s new drive starts writing at 2x or 2. However i think plextor px cu this as being of big importance since a portable unit that needs a big external brick of a power-adapter is not px-608cu portable anymore.


Thanks for the in-depth review Jan. Testing a drive’s DVD writing quality isn’t easy. Px-608cu a commercial CD MB took 4 minutes, 23 seconds. According to Nero, the drive can write CD-Text and overburn.

The disc rotate a little, but it cannot starts working. Do I have to study again p-x608cu …Strange strange. Write Tests MB Px-608cu link to the review does NOT work. Amazon bought Ring px-608cu ago. This means px-608cu the drive’s region is stored in the firmware.

Plextor PX-608CU Super Multi Portable Drive Review

To keep ahead of px-608cu competition, Plextor has continued to lead the px-608cu, introducing drives with faster writing speeds and cutting edge technologies found nowhere else. This is different than what we saw with InfoTool.

While the drive was able to go through the tests without creating any errors, it was px-608cu to pass all of the on the px-068cu copying tests. Px-608cu Easy Media Creator 8, users can quickly and easily do a number of tasks.