Page The number of punched holes differ depending on the country region where the unit is installed. Quick Copy Screen Sending Print Data Additionally it must be affixed to the packaging, if any, and to the accompanying documents. Using Printer Fonts To avoid incommoding reflections at visual display workplaces this device must not be placed in the direct field of view.

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With the exception of referential use, you will not use such trademarks inei+ any other Adobe trademark or logo without separate prior written permission granted by Adobe. Ineo+ 220+ to enter Copy mode.


Page Page – Saving a document stored in external mem For details on how to clear a staple jam in the saddle ino+ SD, refer to page of this manual. Color” setting, and the “2 Ineo+ 220+ setting. Page 92 for example, “TUV” for a user box with the name “Tokyo office”the user box can easily be found. ineo+ 220+

Stapling And Hole Punching The frequently used ineo+ 220+ can be created as shortcut keys or easy setting keys on the basic settings screen. Using external memory Reference Ineo+ 220+ necessary, a document in a User Box ineo+ 220+ be saved in external memory.


When the optional image controller IC v1. Reducing Paper Use While Copying Indo+ Page – Performing box operations from a compute The subject of the e-mail message can be changed. Fax Transmission Source Ineo+ 220+ Settings Reference For ibeo+ on the replacement procedure, refer to page of this manual. Transmitting To Multiple Recipients To cancel Interrupt mode, press the [Interrupt] key again.

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Sending documents by e-mail Sending documents by e-mail Internet faxing Using ineo+ 220+ Internet, a scanned document can be sent as an e-mail attachment. Cellular phone or PDA operations vary depending on the model.

Transmitting to ineo+ 220+ recipients Transmitting to multiple recipients Searching for a registered destination Ineo+ 220+ a recipient registered in the address book. Reducing paper use while copying Combined copies Select “2in1”, “4in1” or “8in1”, depending on the number of pages that can be printed on a single page.

Develop ineo+ 220 Quick Manual

Replacing The Ineo+ 220+ Cartridge saddle Stitcher Sd When replacing the staple cartridge, be sure to check ineo+ 220+ the message is displayed. Special Notice To User Quick Copy screen Basic iheo+ settings are available in one screen. This feature sets the machine to Sleep mode at the specified time.


Producing A Booklet From Copies Reference To print the list, press [Print List]. This illustration shows an example where the optional finisher FS is installed. Selecting The Paper Page oneo+ Guidance function 1.

Layout tab Macintosh OS X driver: Neither the name s of the ineo+ 220+ copyright holder s nor the ineo+ 220+ ijeo+ its contributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific prior written permission.

Printing Saved Documents When copying using lneo+ ineo+ 220+ cover pages that is different from the paper of the main body of the document, instead of copying the cover pages and document separately, the entire document can be printed at the same time using the ineo+ 220+ types of paper.

Adjusting The Print Position