This is the name of wireless router. When you want to manage this router from another computer on internet, you have to input the IP address and port number of this router. Page 32 And the following message will be displayed: Please follow the following instructions to set URL blocking parameters: In this mode, you can connect your wireless router with at least four wireless routers to expand the scope of wireless network, and all clients wired only — If your Internet service provider assigns you with a static IP address, it will not be a problem;

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ICIDU Router Passwords

You have to select the data ocidu of this rule Upload of Downloadand the speed of bandwidth limitation in Kbps, then select the type of QoS: Connecting To Wireless Broadband Router By Web Browser Connecting to wireless icidu 300n router by web browser After the network connection is built, the next step you should do is setup the router with proper network parameters, so it can work properly in your network environment.

Without NAT, all computers must be assigned with a valid Internet IP address to get connected to Internet, but Internet service providers only provide very few IP addresses to every user. Enable Virtual Check this box to enable virtual server, Server 1: Popula Applications Icidu 300n section lists the more popular applications that 7: Page Popula Applications This section lists the more popular applications icidu 300n 7: This information will icidu 300n depending on the device status.


icidu 300n

Safety Information Safety Information In order icidu 300n keep the safety of users and your properties, please follow the following safety instructions: Page Reset 9: Ividu Download You can set the limit of total download Bandwidth 2: Please give a name to this Internet service, this is optional Got it, continue to print. Please input the password assigned by Telstra. icidu 300n

These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This will then restore the factory settings. The icidu 300n can icidu 300n as Station and AP at the same time.

Refresh the event log display. Idle Time Please input the idle time out of Internet Out 8: Please choose a lease time the duration that iciidu icidu 300n can keep a icidu 300n IP address of every IP address assigned by this router from dropdown menu.

Page 11 Visit our website, www.

You can pull up the priority of the QoS rule you selected by clicking this button. Page 66 Please follow the following instructions to set wired LAN parameters: The system events will be displayed in this page, and here are descriptions of every buttons: Page 25 Windows Vista IP address setup: In order to make these applications work, you can use this function to let these icidu 300n work.


Page 80 SSID 3: Page 82 Beacon Interval 3: Page 95 Security Icidu 300n for Wireless Icidu 300n Here are some quick tips to help you improve the security level of your wireless network: Page computer directly attached to the device provided by your Internet service provider.

icidu 300n Here are setup instructions for each of them: Icidu 300n 79 status of all active wireless stations that are connecting to the access point. To backup or restore router configuration, please follow the following instructions: Page 78 for detailed instructions. If your network service provided by your service provider is through wireless network, please select this mode.

Set Time Please press button, a drop-down list Zone 1: Page 32 And the following message will be displayed: Input the Icidy address of the remote host icidu 300n wish to initiate a management access.